Mouse Capture Command Reference

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The purpose of this module is to offer the user some control over the order in which mousecapturing routines get executed. See the discussion below with regard to CAPTUREFIRST for the rationale associated with this module. To include this support module just include the following statements in the HEAD section of your document:

<script type="text/javascript" src="overlib.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="overlib_mousecapture.js>

You only have to make sure that the overlib_mousecapture.js module is loaded after the core module.

Download this module as a zip file.


When the core module determines that another ultility is capturing mousemovements, it will establish a new mousecapturing function in which the other utility's function and overLIB's mousecapturing routine, olMouseMove, are daisy chained together, with overLIB's routine being called last. There may be situations, however, where overLIB's routine should be run first, rather than last. This parameter permits the user to swap the order that the functions get executed. The default value is off (0). NOTE: This parameter only works if used in conjunction with the overlib_pagedefaults() routine. If used in an overLIB command line, it has no effect. This restriction is necessary to avoid inappropriate behavior when a popup is about to be displayed. Everytime this command is executed, the default state of this variable is set to its opposite state and the order of the mouse capturing routines gets reversed.
Variable: ol_capturefirst


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