Exclusive Command Reference

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The purpose of this module is to provide support for EXCLUSIVE popups, along with the EXCLUSIVESTATUS and EXCLUSIVEOVERRIDE comands. Read the core module documentation for more information about other ways to customize overLIB.

Remember that commands are always in uppercase (case-sensitive) and can have none or up to two parameter values.

To include this support module just include the following statements in the HEAD section of your document:

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="overlib.js"></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="overlib_exclusive.js">

You only have to make sure that the overlib_exclusive.js module is loaded after the core module.

Download this module as a zip file.


EXCLUSIVE parameter
Applies only to a STICKY popup to indicate that it should remain visible until it is explictly dismissed, even while trying to activate another popup which will display the message given by EXCLUSIVESTATUS in the status bar. When used on the command line it will toggle its associated variable to the opposite state for this call only. The default value is off (0).
Variable: ol_exclusive
The message that is displayed in the status bar while tyring to acitvate an overlib popup while an EXCLUSIVE, STICKY popup is active. The default value is the string "Please close open popup first."
Variable: ol_exclusivestatus
A command line switch which will over-ride the setting of EXCLUSIVE on a previous STICKY popup. There is no associated variable associated with this command because it is used only on the command line, where it serves as switch to cancel any EXCLUSIVE setting.

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