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Terrific support! Very prompt in correcting errors in the code and/or adding enhancements to his plugins whenever these are requested or suggested on the overLIB newsgroup.


Just a Sample Imageto the "official" web site of Robert E. Boughner, a co-developer (v 4.0+) and contributor to the code (earlier versions) originally released by Erik Bosrup. Here you'll find my current release of the most recent overLIB code, which is at version 4.13 for the Core Module. This is slightly ahead of the version on the official overlib web site because it contains features that haven't yet been released but wil be shortly. The links on the right will take you to the documentation pages for the Core Module and all of the plugins. These pages contain links that allow one to download zip files for that particular module. However, be careful because the Anchor, Centerpopup, Followscroll, and positionMod plugins on this site require that the Core Module be at v4.10 or later. The Anchor and Followscroll plugins on the official web site will work without problems with the Core Module on this site.

Further help

I'm very happy to answer additonal questions that you may have about the operation and/or implementation of either the Core Module or any plugin listed here. But before you contact me, please read the relevent documentation page associated with the plugin that you're having trouble with and look at the source code of the examples provided on those pages since they show how the plugin is called. If after doing this, you still have problems, I can be contacted at info@boughner.us To simplify the issues for me, please include

  1. The version of overLIB you're using
  2. Which plugin is giving you trouble if it is version 4.00 or later
  3. What browser(s) show the problem
  4. The exact wording of any error messages that you get
  5. If possible, the URL to a problem page showing your problems.

The last item is particularly important since it will eliminate a lot of extra communications between us if I can see exactly what you're attempting to do. If you can't provide an URL, then try to simplify your page to the barest minimum that shows your problem and post that in your email. Please be sure to include any figures and other scripts that are needed to understand the full nature of your problem.

If I am able to help you out with your problems, please drop me a short note letting me know. It's nice knowing that my efforts have done some good; plus the positive feedback will encourage me to continue providing advice.

Plugin Suggestions

Finally, if you have suggestions for additional plugins or improvements to existing plugins, please don't hesitate to pass them along to me (info@boughner.us).

Thank you for visiting boughner.us - Come back again soon.