Centerpopup Command Reference

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The purpose of this plugin module is to provide support that will allow an overLIB popup to be easily positioned in the middle (horizontal and vertical) of the browser window.

To include this support module just place the following statements in the HEAD section of your document:

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="overlib.js"></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" 

You only have to make sure that the overlib_centerpopup.js module is loaded after the core module.

Download this module as a zip file.


CENTERPOPUP example  (picture example)
Will position a popup in the middle (horizontally and vertically) of the browser display window. Default value is off (0). When used on the command line, it will cause the current default state to be switched (or toggled) to its opposite state for this command only. NOTE: mousing over the picture example may not show the popup or the popup may flash as it is moved over the link because more than likely the popup is being positioned over the link. Scroll the page so that the link occurs out of the center of the browser window.
Variable: ol_centerpopup
CENTEROFFSET X disp [, Y disp]  (picture)X disp [, Y disp]
X and Y offsets (integer values) of the popup from the middle of the screen. This command takes either one or two command values. If there is only one value, then it is taken to be the X displacement. To specify only a value for the Y displacement, you must enter 0, Y.
Variable: ol_centeroffset

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