Adaptive Width Command Reference

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The purpose of this plugin module is to implement a suggestion recently made by Dennis Sandow for a popup which has a relatively large amount of body text and which has a pleasing aspect ratio (i.e., height/width ratio). See message 7614 on the overlib newsgroup for a complete discussion of his proposed method.

To include this support module just place the following statements in the HEAD section of your document:

<script type="text/javascript" src="overlib.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="overlib_adaptive_width.js">

You only have to make sure that the overlib_adaptive_width.js module is loaded after the core module.

Download this module as a zip file.


ADAPTIVE_WIDTH min width, max width, body text factor, caption factor
One to four additonal parameter values which are numbers. These specify the popup's minimum width (default 300), popup's maximum width (default 720), dividing factor for body text (default 4), and factor to be used on caption text, if any (default 9). For any value that you want to use a default value, just use 0 or ignore them if defaults are to apply to all remaining parameter values, such as ..., ADAPTIVE_WIDTH, 400, ...
Variable: ol_adaptive_width

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