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All plugins accessible on boughner.us are now compatible with the most recent version of the core module (v4.18).

~ V 4.x Change Log ~

  1. September 17, 2006 ~ Tweaked the Hideform plugin to make it more efficient. No change in the Core Module.
  2. September 13, 2006 ~ Modified the HIdeform plugin to avoid a potential handles leak in IE that was reported on the overLIB news group. No changes were made in the Core Module.
  3. August 31, 2006 ~ Added the IMAGEPATH command to the Bubble Plugin so that the user can specify where the images are being stored.  Default value is 'images/'.  No changes to the Core Module.
  4. August 21, 2006 ~ Made appropriate changes in all plugins that were dependent on the createPopup routine, which were Anchor, Bubble, Cssw3c, Draggable, ElmContents, Exclusive, Hideform, Pointer, and Shadow.
  5. August 20, 2006 ~ Changed the name of the routine createPopup to olCreatePopup to avoid possible conflicts with a similarly named Windows OS routine.  Version of the Core Module is now at 4.23.
  6. July 22, 2006 ~ Added the DRAGCAP command to the Draggable plugin.  This command allows the user to drag a popup via it caption region, if there is one, and at the same time automatically sets the DRAGGABLE command to on so that it doesn't need to be specified.
  7. May 14, 2006 ~ Added the PngFix Plugin to handle PNG files properly in IE (5 <= versions < 7).  No change made in the Core module.  Adapts the procedure described in http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bobosola. Introduces one command, PNGFIX, whose default value is off (0) and when used on the command line toggles its value to the opposite state for that command only.  Includes the function fixImage() which can be applied to other images on the page via an onload event handler.  Image maps are not specifically treated and images must have a width and height attribute set.
  8. April 14, 2006 ~ Corrected a logic error in the code (pointed out by a user) that caused popups to freeze if the FadeOut command is rapidly invoked. Also removed some unnecessary code. No changes have been made in the Core Module.
  9. October 12, 2005 ~ Changed the calculation of the popup width to use its offsetWidth value if no shadow command is specified.
  10. August 21, 2005 ~ Made a small correction in the Bubble Plugin to correct the inconsistent naming of a function that is in the Hideform Plugin. No changes were made to the core module.
  11. August 2, 2005 ~ Added a line in the olMain() routine to convert non-breaking spaces to actual spaces when wrap is turned on. This problem was noted by a user on the overlib newsgroup.
  12. July 2, 2005 ~ Some of the corrections made on June 7, 2005 were found to cause problems with the Safari browser on a Mac and so these changes have been removed and reset to their earlier form.
  13. June 29, 2005 ~ Corrected two logic errors in the Anchor and Cssstyle Plugins that appeared while testing in other browsers.
  14. June 28, 2005 ~ Corrected a problem in the olMouseCapture routine that prevented IE from working correctly.
  15. June 7, 2005 ~ Corrected minor javascript coding errors in the Core module to prevent these from being flagged when a user enables javasript.options.strict in Gecko based browsers. Most errors have been corrected but those associated with the registerCommands() have not. Still to be done are all of the plugins.
  16. May 11, 2005 ~ Made small changes to the CSSSTYLE and CSSW3C Plugins to convert the onmouseover and onclick attributes to be compatible with XHTML
  17. May 3, 2005 ~ Modified the Shadow and CSSW3C plugins to allow a shadow effect to be specified for CSSW3C styled popups.
  18. April 11, 2005 ~ Based on comments made to the overLIB newsgroup, a few for- loop variables had to be made local to the subroutines they were being used in to avoid conflicts with other variables.
  19. April 1, 2005 ~ Added the NOBORDER command, which is applicable only to an IFRAME, to the Position Cap plugin to suppress the border that is shown around an IFRAME. In IE, the default is to show an inset border.
  20. March 28, 2005 ~ Added a small addition in conjunction with the change made in item #3 below that never got made. This was in response to a post on the overlib newsgroup.
  21. March 9, 2005 ~ Made a small additon to the Anchor Plugin code which corrects for a dificiency in Gecko based browsers when aligning to images with borders specified.
  22. March 8, 2005 ~ Based on user's input on the overLIB newsgroup changed the negative left and top offsets in hideObject() for IE, which seems to cause it problems with a rtl language direction.
  23. February 20, 2005 ~ Modified the PositionCap Plugin so that if DATA and/or SRC are specified, scrollbars are automatically enabled.
  24. February 17, 2005 ~ Clarified the definitions of FIXX/Y and RELX/Y.
  25. February 2, 2005 ~ Based on a problem that a user reported on the overLIB newsgroup, the olMouseCapture() routine was modified to avoid an excessive recursive error message in Gecko based browsers. This will occur if the user sets an onmousemove event to a function that is not defined on the BODY tag, which in Gecko based browsers gets associated with the window object. In browsers that emmulate the IE browser these events get associated with the document object. On February 6, 2005, needed to add a small correction to eliminate errors in the Opera browser.
  26. January 28, 2005 ~ Made a small change in the check being made for the Opera browser so as to avoid the inadvertent removal of an intevening, but necessary, space when the makemini.pl script is run.
  27. January 24, 2005 ~ Added the function rawTxt() to the Debug Plugin. This function will convert <,>, and " to their entity references so that one can see the exact markup of text being feed to a popup.
  28. January 18, 2005 ~ Set cellpadding for the inner-most table that contains the caption in ol_content_caption() to 1 to provide a little more spacing around the words.
  29. December 5, 2004 ~ Modified the olMouseCapture() routine so that it will handle cases where document(window).onmousemove=f, f is a previously defined javascript function. On December 6, 2004, made a slight change to the above code to avoid potential future problems.
  30. December 3, 2004 ~ Based upon feedback from the overLIB newsgroup, had to change the olMouseCapture() routine to take into account document or window onmousemove handlers of the form function(){....} which were causing subsequent javascript errors. Also had to modify the MouseCapture Plugin to agree with this new treatment.
  31. November 29, 2004 ~ Added two more statements, revealed upon testing, to the createPopup routine to handle the new way of handling the WRAP command with long text strings.
  32. November 28, 2004 ~ Revised the way that the WRAP command is now handled. Specifically, for all supported browsers, non-breaking spaces are added where spaces occur in the body text and caption and then the width of the resulting popup is compared to the browser window width. If the popup width exceeds the latter value, the non-breaking spaces are removed and the width of the popup is set to the browser window width. Also removed the complicated adjustment proceedure that was used for Gecko-based browsers in coming up with a value for the vertical scroll bar width. Now that value (widthFix) is set to a constant value of 18, for all browsers which know about the window.innerWidth parameter.
  33. November 27, 2004 ~ Based on input from Jason Anderson, the author of JWIN, have revised how to handle the brief "flashing" or "flickering" of popups in Gecko based browsers. On January 31, 2005, added the left and top style parameters to the overDiv reference object when it is created in the createDivContainer() routine.
  34. November 23, 2004 ~ Added another browser variable, olKq, which checks for the Konqueror browser and added it to the browser checks at the end of the overlib.js code to reset the olLoaded parameter.
  35. November 11, 2004 ~ In preparation for the release of v4.10, I have changed all links associated with the "official" plugins included in this release to those pages on the www.bosrup.com overLIB web site.
  36. October 29, 2004 ~ Corrected a small logic error in the generateShadow() routine in the Shadow Plugin.
  37. October 27, 2004 ~ Tweaked the code in the Anchor and Draggable Plugins so that it functions better when dragging a popup by an image.
  38. October 24, 2004 ~ The following items were addressed:
    • Modified the createDivContainer() code in the core module to accept two additional parameters -- frame and z-index values. If either is missing, they default to o3_frame and 1000, respectively. Also tweaked the Crossframe plugin to make use of the createDivContainer() routine and remove the now un-necessary compatibileFrame routine.
    • Removed two un-necessary lines of code in the Debug Plugin.
  39. October 23, 2004 ~ Tweaked the code for the Position Cap Plugin for a slightly smaller size.
  40. October 22, 2004 ~ Changed the winFix reference to widthFix in the horizontalPlacement() routine in the Core Module.
  41. October 20, 2004 ~ Modified the Debug Plugin to take advantage of the createDivContainer() function added previously.. Works in all supported browsers.
  42. October 19, 2004 ~ Added the ability to automatically create a DIV container with an ID name of id if it isn't already included in the document (involved adding the function createDivContainer). On October 23, 2004 modified this routine's code to support IE4 which was missing the earlier release. Works for all supported browsers.
  43. October 18, 2004 ~ Changed the variable bckDropSrc in the Hideform and Shadow plugins to backDropSource to maintain consistency with overlib coding rules. Also in the Anchor plugin changed one of the return values in the routine getRefById() from false to null to be consistent with the way it is done in the routine getRefByName().
  44. October 5, 2004 ~ Added another check in the checkScrollbars() routine to see if the popup is STICKY and has a close link. If the close link isn't set and the popup is STICKY, then MOUSEOFF is set so that the popup can be closed.
  45. October 3, 2004 ~ Modified the set_background() to set the width of the overDiv container when a picture is specified. This clears up a problem that was recently mentioned on the overlib newsgroup and for which Dennis Sandow has given a proposed solution.
  46. September 16, 2004 ~ Modified the action of the nd() routine so that if COMPATMODE is specified, the closing of a popup acts the way it did in overlib v3.51 or earlier. As pointed out by Fote Macrides, the behavior of this function in v4.00 differs from earlier versions in that if a TIMEOUT has been scheduled, it controls when the popup closes whereas in v3.51 or earlier, the popup closes as soon as the user mouses off of the triggering link regardless of any scheduled TIMEOUT.
  47. September 14, 2004, September 16, 2004 ~ The line that was added at the beginning of the hideObject() routine (see item #28 above) was removed and instead the following line at the beginning of the overlib routine: if (over) cClick(); was changed to
  48. if (over) {
      over = (typeof over.id != 'string') ? 
        o3_frame.document.all['overDiv'] : over;
    This change is based on the fact that under Win XP SP2 the object over remains defined but none of its properties are known, i.e, the typeof over.id is reported as 'unknown'.. The above declaration of over just resets it to the overDiv container that is should have been before the frame was reloaded. This change should only affect IE under Win XP SP2 and none of the other browsers supported under overlib.

    Also in the Shadow plugin the check for lyr.filters.alpha.enabled was removed since in IE 6.0 Win XP SP2, this parameter is either null or not an object after the above changes have been made.
  49. September 13, 2004 ~ In the Shadow plugin, removed references to olIe4 and instituted a check on the availability of the object lyr.filters instead.
  50. September 12, 2004 ~ Tweaked a few of the functions so that those that had calls before and after the end of the main code were passed the parameters passed into these functions.
  51. September 9, 2004 ~ Added the function meets() to the object Info so that one can specify the minimum level of the core module required for a particular plugin. This function will return either true or false depending on whether Info.simpleversion is greater than or equal to the specified value. If no value is given it will return false. The plugin is not loaded into memory If a false is returned and warning alert message is given indicating the minimum version number required for the core module. This behavior differs from earlier versions which issued the alert message but still allowed the plugin to load.
  52. September 6, 2004 ~ Modified the hideObject() routine to remove the internal reference to the over object and instead replaced it with the obj reference being passed in as an argument. This change was done to maintain consistent coding style. Also inserted a line at the beginning of this routine to take care of the new security changes in Window XP SP2.
  53. August 31, 2004 ~ Made changes in the Followscroll and positionMod plugins to be consistent with the changes made in item #26.
  54. August 24, 2004 ~ Re-arranged the check for the browser window width/height in the placeLayer() routine so that it now takes into account the Safari browser.
  55. August 13, 2004 ~ Added multiple browser support for opacity. Some common code was collected into two new routines ~ setBrowserOpacity(op, lyr) and cleanUpBrowserOpacity(lyr) ~ which affects the Shadow and Fade In/Out plugins.
  56. August 6-10, 2004 ~ Redesigned the web pages on overlib.boughner.us.
  57. July 30, 2004 ~ Based upon feedback provided on the overlib newsgroup, had to re-introduce the small delay in showing a popup for the newer versions of Mozilla (v1.7) and Firefox (v0.9.2). This eliminated the slight "flashing" that occurs when the popup is first shown (i.e., it appears briefly in the upper left hand corner and then moves into its final position. This only occurs the first time the popup is shown.)
  58. July 28, 2004 ~ Modified the behavior of VAUTO and HAUTO so that the popup placement flip doesn't occur unless the popup will go outside the bounds of the browser window.
  59. July 19, 2004 ~ Further revision of the handling of the OLonLoad handler code to account for the case where there is no onload event handler specified.
  60. July 9, 2004 ~ After the post by Fote Macrides on his newsgroup, I've revised the way that the OLonLoad_handler() function works now with respect to IE and Opera 7.x. The points made by Fote clarified my thinking so that I have now reverted to the earlier method but added some checks to see if overlib, nd, or cClick are included in the the onLoad handler; if they are then these functions are explicitly called after the olLoaded flag has been set. Also, with regard to Netscape 4.x, I've removed the explicit setting of the window.onload to OLonLoad_handler and now just include an explicit setting of this flag at the end of the core module loading. In keeping with previous comments about tayloring back support for Netscape 4.x, none of the Plugin modules include any explicit setting/resetting of this flag.
  61. July 7, 2004 ~ Modified slightly the way that the OLonLoad_handler() function works for IE and/or Opera. If the user includes an onload event handler on the BODY tag of his/her document, then he/she must include a call to OLonLoad_handler() as the first item or their overlib popups won't be functional.
  62. June 26, 2004 ~ Added an optional parameter to the MOUSEOFF command, which is an integer,specifying the delay time (in milli-seconds) before the popup is hidden. This feature was added at the request of an overlib user.
  63. June 22, 2004 ~ Corrected the Hide Form code by specifying the src for the iframe as src="<html></html>" to keep an error message from being displayed when the user is using a secure connection.
  64. May 17, 2004 ~ Based on the problems that Fote had with his version of overlib, added a check to see if the event object was not null.
  65. June 9, 2004 ~ Corrected code for the CENTERPOPUP, FOLLOWSCROLL, and ANCHOR (and the posiitionMod) Plugins so that it reports that v4.10 core module is required.
  66. May 16, 2004 ~ Readjusted the code so that the adjustment for wrapping came when the adaptive_width settings were being applied; necessary for Opera.
    May 15, 2004 ~ Made a small adjustment to the code for the ADAPTIVE_WIDTH Plugin to account for wrapping when specified.
  67. May 12, 2004 ~ Found a way to handle the onmouseover problem in Opera by using the window.event object to exam the event type and if 'mouseover' and there is nothing in o3_status just return the null string ('').
  68. May 7, 2004 ~ Had to adjust the code for IE (but not Opera) for modifying the olMouseMove routine because of the way that it reports the matched string.
  69. May 6, 2004 ~ Corrected a small logic error in the operation of the exclusive plugin.
  70. May 5, 2004 ~ Noticed that TEXTFONTCLASS was missing from the ol_content_background() routine which was added to make it consistent with v3.51.
  71. May 5, 2004 ~ Added a new command ~ COMPATMODE ~ whose default value is off (0). When used on the command line, it will switch the default state of the associated variable to its opposite state. This command will cause popups using custom classes to be rendered in a manner similar to that in v3.51.
  72. May 5, 2004 ~ Had to change registration of the addEventListener in Netscape 6.x/7.x from capturing to bubbling so that it would process onLoad events on the BODY tag. With capturing these weren't being handled properly.
  73. May 2, 2004 ~ Changed the value returned from the main overlib routine ~ olMain() ~ so that it is consistent with its operation in v3.51. This will lead to a small problem in Opera 7.x when the href is the null link (javascript:; or javascript: void(0);) and the event is onMouseOver in that the cursor doesn't change to a "hand" cursor. In the other support browsers it works the way it should.
  74. April 26, 2004 ~ Corrected a logic error associated with determining when to return when the CHAIN parameter is being used.
  75. April 10, 2004 ~ Corrected an error pointed out by Fote Macrides in how the cursorOff routine determined popup width. Also modified the statement for detecting the Opera browser and the check for versNum so that if Opera is reporting itself as just Opera then no errors are generated.
  76. March 31, 2004 ~ Enhanced the plugin feature to allow for future additions. Added a new plugin ~ overlib_setonoff.js, which allows a user to force no parameter commands to either on (SETON) or off (SETOFF) regardless of any previous setting.
  77. March 26, 2004 ~ Added the Adaptive Width plugin which implements Dennis Sandow's proposed scheme for handling large body text. See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/overlib/message/7614 for more details.
  78. March 26, 2004 ~ Changed the coding of opt_MULTIPLEARGS slightly to make it more flexible. Also changed my default setting for VAUTO to be off (0); will set this feature via overlib_pagedefaults() routine so that it is active on the page. Whenever ABOVE or BELOW is specified on the command line, it will silently turn VAUTO off; similarly, HAUTO will be turned off whenever RIGHT, CENTER, or LEFT is specified on the command line. This latter change will eliminate some confusion to the user.
  79. March 7, 2004 ~ Added checks for followscroll behavior in the horizontal and vertical placement routines for the Followscroll and Centerpopup plugins.
  80. March 7, 2004 ~ Converted the Anchor and Followscroll plugins to be compatible with the new FCHAIN feature. With this new feature, if one wants to have their popups follow window scrolling, the user would have to include the Followscroll plugin now. Before this feature was incorporated into the replaced placeLayer functions.
  81. March 6, 2004 ~ Converted the Centerpopup plugin to be compatible with the new FCHAIN feature.
  82. March 6, 2004 ~ Added another registration function - FCHAIN (==4), the purpose of which is to allow functions to be chained together and called successfully in order of their registration, starting with the last one registered. These functions must be written so that if can not deal with the parameters it was designed for, it returns void(0); otherwise, it returns a result and terminates any further march down the chain. The result void(0) was choosen because it has no type (i.e., typeof void(0) == 'undefined') and thus is easy to check. It is anticipated that this function will be used in conjunction with the separation of the placeLayer() routine in several of the other plugins. The core horizontalPlacement() and verticalPlacement() functions will be registered in the core module and will always be present.
  83. March 5, 2004 ~ Modified the placeLayer() routine by splitting out the code that deteremines horizontal and vertical placements into the separate subroutines called horizontalPlacement() and verticalPlacement(), respectively.

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