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This directory contains suggestions, repairs and patches that have been offered as answers on the OverLIB group. Many of the answers originally involved actually writing Javascript or editing the "shrink-wrapped" OverLIB, but with the newer version of overLIB (v4.01), a good many of these answers have been incorporated into the code. The answers originally posted to the group have been rewritten at the most elementary level so the Javascript novice should be able to handle these adjustments if they are capable of using a text editor.

    This page was originally written by Dennis Sandow to apply to his modifications that were part of version 3.33. It has been updated by Robert E. Boughner to incorporate the new version of overlib (v4.01).

    The "problem" statements are paraphrased from multiple questions on the same topic. Often, the original problem statements were not, in fact, the problem. Please try to be generic when you match your problem to those stated here.

    These answers all apply to OverLIB v4.01. This file may be downloaded from the official ovelib site --

How do I use a published feature of OverLIB?
11 How can I include images in my popups? How can I include images in the CAPTION? OL Answer
12 I am confused by all the BACKGROUND choices. Can I make the background transparent? OL Answer
13 Can I put any special markup into the OverLIB popup?
Can I put links and/or pictures into the OverLIB popup?
OL Answer
14 I heard that it is easier to write long popup text as a javascript string variable. JS Answer
15 I'm now getting lost keeping track of all the names of the String Variables that I created. (Use an Array of Strings) JS Answer
16 How do I use the <PRE> Tag in an OverLIB popup? OL Answer
17 I want absolute control over the location of the popup - (i.e. centered in the window). Once the popup appears, I want it to stay in one place even if the mouse moves. JS and edOL Answer
How can I get extra functionality from OverLIB?
21 How can I determine the size of the browser's window and/or the actual size of the popup.   Answer
22 I want the user to be able to turn off the popups on a page, if they get too annoying for him. JS and edOL Answer
23 I have included images in the popup, but they are slow to display when the user does a mouseover. JS Answer
Something in Overlib doesn't work
31 My popups are hidden behind Form Elements NoCure Answer
32 Positioning issues - inconsistencies, bugs edOL
Use positionMod.js plugin with v4.00 or later
33 The mouseover event should trigger BOTH OverLIB and some other process (ex: a picture-swap). But only one of the two events is happening. OL Answer
  I am using another software package that senses cursor movement, and either that package or OverLIB isn't working correctly. See specific cases 34-37 below.   Note
34 Other routine catches the cursor movement in certain places only (ex: menu-maker), and the use does not coincide with OverLIB.   Answer
35 Other routine catches the cursor movement all over the screen (ex. mousetrails) and OverLIB needs the cursor movement only for normal popups over links.   Answer
36 OverLIB is active all over the screen and the other routine is also active all over the screen. JS++
No problem with v4.00 or later
37 Other situations - later.   Answer
My popups work fine in all browsers EXCEPT one
41 My popups do not have borders when viewed in Netscape 6.0 or 6.01. [This problem has been corrected in newer versions of the browser (v7.0+). In any case, the market share of Netscape 6.0 or 6.01 is so low that one could safely ignore it. The answer here is Dennis' original answer that some users may find interesting.] JS or edOL+ Answer
42 Doesn't work in NS (ol in <img   Answer
43 Doesn't work in MacIE   Answer
44 OverLIB 3.33 (and v3.50) troubles in IE6 edOL
No problem with v4.00 or later
45 Doesn't work in NS6 Style sheet issue   Answer
46 NS4 reload/resize issues   Answer
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