Frame [2]
This page demonstrates the automatic STICKY close option that has been added to OVERLIB.

This file has a series of frames. Each frame is labelled in the upper left hand corner. The frame notation also indicates whether the frame is nested or not. By nested, I mean that the frameset loaded a document that itself was a frameset document. This frame (Frame [2]) is the third frame defined in the original frameset document. The frame in the middle, upper right (Frame [3][0][1]) represents a third order of nesting.

The links in the Frame [3][0][1] will cause a series of overlib STICKY popups to appear in their respective frames, in the upper left hand corner. If this page has been scrolled, you may not see the popup since it has been scrolled out of view. The patch includes the frame reference to where OVERLIB was originally loaded and this is reset each time a new popup is shown. This also implies that you only need to have just one version of OVERLIB loaded unless of course you want popups to appear in other frames as this link shows.